Referral Rewards

  • Derby City Gaming Players Club Members are eligible to receive Free Play based on a THREE (3) tiered reward program for each potential new hire team member that is brought in or referred.
  • The three tiered Free Play reward program will function as follows:
    • If the referral is offered an interview, the patron will receive $50 in Free Play.
    • If within 30 days, the referral is offered employment at Derby City Gaming and accepts, the patron will receive $100 in Free Play.
    • If within 90 days, the hired team member is still actively employed at Derby City Gaming the patron will receive $150 in Free Play.
  • Members can refer an unlimited number of potential new hire team members per week (Sunday to Saturday) during the promotional period.
  • Members are eligible to redeem free play between 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM.
  • Player cannot convert non-negotiable promo credits (Free Play) into cash.
  • Player’s non-negotiable promo credits (Free Play) will be valid for THIRTY (30) days in the players account, unless otherwise noted.
Derby City Gaming Referral Rewards